Plumber Digital Marketing: A Guide for Flooding Leads

The plumbing industry is a competitive field. Several contractors and plumbing companies are bidding for projects. In today’s digital world, it’s a must for every service provider, including plumbers, to have an online presence. Without this, you could quickly lose in the competition. Here’s a guide on how to optimize your digital marketing strategies and get more leads.

Claim and optimize your Google My Business profile

When it comes to services, including plumbing, users perform local searches to find a service provider nearby. Google displays those within the area searched and a map that shows the direction to the company address or office. Claim your Google My Business profile, and complete all the details to ensure that customers find all the information they need. Ensure the details are the same as those listed on your site. Google also looks at consistency when determining which to include in the results. 

Get reviews on Google My Business and respond to them

Another thing that Google looks for in deciding which to include in local search results is reviews. It looks for service providers in the area searched and puts those with excellent ratings on top of the list. Encourage customers to leave reviews on your profile, and be sure to respond to them. It will make them feel that you value their feedback, which will strengthen their loyalty. Moreover, other users who read them will have a positive impression of you, so they will be more willing to try your service. 

Work on your local SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO continues to be a vital part of digital marketing. Work on your local SEO to be on top of the search results. Users are more likely to visit your site and learn more about your service if it shows up on the first page when they perform a search. One way to do this is to use keywords with your location. For instance, if you offer your service around San Francisco, you may use the keywords “San Francisco plumber,” “San Francisco plumbing,” and “plumbing around San Francisco” in your website description, pages, and contents. A plumber marketing company can help improve your local SEO strategies. 

Do PPC campaigns too

Combine paid advertising with SEO, and you will have more leads. SEO is marketing your business without using paid methods, thus getting organic results. Pay-per-click or PPC campaigns are paid ads. Create ad copies and bid for the keywords on Google Ads. Depending on the relevance of your ads and the bid cost, your ad may show when users search for your keywords, and you will be charged when users click on the ad. Create an enticing landing page, too, where users will be taken after clicking the ad. It should give them the information they expect and make it easier for them to book your service. 

Make helpful videos and share them on various platforms

Creating informative and helpful videos will also help with your digital marketing. Post them on your site and other platforms like social media, so users can watch them and share them with others. It will increase your exposure and make you look trustworthy and reliable; thus, they will be more willing to hire you. A plumber SEO specialist can help you with your video creation and spread them to increase awareness of your service. 

Create a referral marketing campaign

Provide incentives to those who can successfully refer you to new clients. For example, they can give a referral code, and when new clients hire you using the code, they can get the incentive you promised. It could be monetary or a discount when they hire your service.

In summary

Do not underestimate the power of digital marketing, as it can help get more leads to your plumbing business. Combine SEO and paid strategies to get the best result.

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